Electrical Certifications


Runn Engineering is able to offer a number of efficient testing services that can suit your needs. Whether you are a business that needs small-item PAT testing, or a landlord who requires an up-to-date electrical testing certificate we will be there to help you. Here is more information about the testing services we offer and the certificates we can provide you with.

Our landlord certification starts from £95+VAT and we can provide you with a same day service if the need is urgent. We are also able to offer you with discounted rates if you need multiple inspections or would like to set up regular inspections. Please give us a call or drop us an email if you wish to learn more about electrical test certificates.

Certificate For Electrical Installations (Domestic and Commercial)

Economy 7 Meter

An Economy 7 meter is a two-rate meter which charges you at a lower electricity cost for 7 hour period throughout the day. To get the most out of your Economy 7 use timers with electrical appliances so that they come on during the 7-hour period. You can also do stay efficient with immersion or storage heaters with timeswich controllers. Replacement of an Economy 7 meter will require you to get an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This certificate is to ensure that the wiring on your property is properly done, safe and IET-compliant. Aside from it, we pride ourselves in providing Electrical PIR Periodic Inspection Report along with each of our services.

The team at Runn Engineering is able to inspect existing or new installations. For Economy 7 meter replacements, we’re not only performing the appropriate inspection. We will also make necessary alterations to qualify for certification. As a guide price, for a 3-bed flat (10 circuit barkers) the inspection will cost you £95+VAT.

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