Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

Need a fire alarm repair in London?

It’s now a legal requirement that every business in the UK has a fire alarm. You are also required to get these checked and maintained on a regular basis.

UK Fire alarm testing is nowadays a priority for running a safe business in the UK, along with fire alarm commissioning. With so many different fire alarms on the market it’s important that you do some research before investing in one. The best fire alarm system we offer is one that is inter-locked in to your electrical system for power, with a battery providing back up power. This connection also enables the alarm to set off all of the other alarms in your building should an emergency happen.

Smoke alarms are a real lifesaver in emergency situations. Despite this there are still thousands of people who don’t have them installed. Smoke alarms are easy to install and maintain. This simplicity is causing a rise in popularity.

Once again, regular fire alarm testing should be your business priority. At Runn Engineering, we are your most reliable London Fire Alarm Repair Contractor offering a wide fire alarm service portfolio. We are also your #1 choice for a Domestic Fire Alarm Installer, and your most professional Residential Fire Alarm Installer and Commercial Fire Alarm Installer. Additionally, we pride ourselves in premium offices and shops fire alarm repair, installation and maintenance everywhere across London.

Installing and Maintaining Smoke Alarms

Runn Engineering are able to supply and maintain smoke alarms in Central London, South, West, and North London. All of our work is up to BS7671 regulations & standards and we don’t lump on any hidden costs to your bill.

The quote we give you is exactly what you pay for the work, giving you peace of mind. Feel free to contact Runn Engineering if you need any more information about expert London fire alarm service and see how we can help you.

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